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Rapid Prototyping: Developed and implemented numerous field-tested Proof-of-Concept-designs to expand the functionality of existing USPS sorting systems (FEDR, FICS for AFSM-100, Flats-PARS proof of concept, etc.).

Quick system integration of competing ID-sort components allowed for early competitive field tests to select the best IDTAG labeler, printer and verifier products for final FICS production run.

Integral advisory role in production design for integration of FICS components (CoBCR, labeler, printer, verifier) into existing AFSM-100 fleet.

Developed meaningful life cycle tests for select system components.

Developed Data Analysis Application for USPS AFSM-100 fleet based on processing low-level machine log-files

Evaluated and fine-tuned acceptance test plans (FEDR, FICS)

Developed sort-plan generator utility program for FSS.

Drivers for serial interfacing of Imaje S7 and Videojet Excel 2100 to print 4-state barcodes (UPU), USPS letter ID-tags and USPS postnet codes

Generic Reed Solomon error correction encoding and British, Australian and Norwegian postal barcodes with RS encoding .

Development and deployment of infeed line test sets for the AFSM-100. These test sets allow stand alone testing of the AFSM-100 infeeds prior to shipping.    535 flat sorting systems tested and succesfully deployed.

Programming Soft PLC control software using ASAP ASIC-100/200 for Windows NT.

Experience with RIO, CAN, CANopen, Interbus, DeviceNet, SDS, Seriplex

Material Handling experience with open control systems using Honeywell's Smart Distributed System and Allen Bradley's SLC 500 Remote IO to control Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems and parcel distribution systems for the United States Postal Service.Programming AB Ultra Plus Servo with GML Ultra.  Controlling of ULTRA100/200 by PC via serial Interface with Host Command Set.

MIDI Programming

Programmed HMI for Windows NT based Soft PLC control engine. Establishing TCP/IP connectivity to an existing UNIX network.

Rapid Prototyping of functional User Screens for several new product Demos

Serial interfacing of PC via custom protocol and automated data collection from clusters of handheld barcode scanners using Visual C++ 5.0

Developed PC based automated test set for Control Panels with VB3.0 and TC3.0 using 96 I/O PIO card. Developing and building wire wrapped optically isolated custom interface card for I/O.

Developed, manufactured and marketed Infrared MeterTM, a troubleshooting tool for testing of IR light barriers. Used on USPS sites nationwide.

Developed microprocessor based (8051) infrared remote control for IBM PC�s with ASM51 using PC keyboard interface for data exchange.

Developed SMP-Bus card with 8051, RTC

PC controlled Instrumentation system with IEEE488 bus

Developed 8031 multiprocessor controls system for "Warm Water Controls" using PL/M-51 and ASM51

Numerous smaller hardware and software projects



AI: Automated Induction of flats for AFSM-100 feeders ($150 Million program)

AFSM-100: USPS flat sorting fleet with 535 machines ($600 Million program)

CoBCR: Deterministic barcode reader add-on for AFSM-100 fleet. Introduced during FICS program.

FEDR: Substantial throughput increase for existing AFSM-100 fleet along with substantial jam and damage reductions. ($50 Million program)

FICS: Flat ID code sort add-on for all 535 AFSM-100 systems ($120 Million program)

Flats-PARS: Flats Postal Address Redirection System. Executes postal forwarding orders for flats already during outgoing sorts by applying new address labels with corrected address. Deployment start scheduled for 2010. Proof of concept field test successfully executed in Boston in January of 2008.

FSS: Delivery point sequencing of flats. ($870 Million program)

IM: Intelligent mail. Upgrading CoBCRs with ability to read USPS customer 4-state codes as well as numerous new special sort codes (Delivery Confirmation, etc.) ($7 Million program)

RBCS/IOSS: Starting in 1991 USPS retrofitted existing letter sorting fleet with ID-sort capabilities. All OCR-capable sorters and all Barcode-sorters were retrofitted (ISS, OSS). Included was a networked and nationwide database system. ($500 Million program)

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